Welcome to the official page of Map Of Materials.

You may ask, what is Map Of Materials?

Well, it is an old-school RPG game that transports you back to the golden era of gaming. It’s a nostalgic journey that will make you feel like you’re back in those good old days. Enjoy your adventure!


With Various Weapons & Magic, You’ll Fight Angry Creatures



During the Game, You Can Enhance Your Armor and Weapons


During the Game, You Can Enhance Your Armor and Weapons



Find Hidden Items that Improve Your Skills



Adventure Deeper Through the Game as You Explore the World


Adventure Deeper Through the Game as You Explore the World


Vincent's epic adventure awaits you!

In Map Of Materials, you’ll find him stranded on a mysterious island, where he’ll use all his skills and knowledge to escape and return to his old life. Will he make it out alive?

It won't be easy.

This old-school RPG doesn’t tell you where to go and what to do next. Vincent’s entire journey depends on your problem solving and gaming skills. On his way back home you will encounter strange creatures and have to escape many dangers!

What players say:

Player: fjmoody

„It made every achievement feel like one I’d won, everything I figured out gave me a thrill of really achieving something.“

Player: Geist

„i love this game. i am a huge gothic fan and i really hope this game gets more content.“

Player: Getriebesand

„A nice and simple old school RPG that will remember you of the good old times!“

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Just hit the Link, scroll down a bit on the Steam page, and hit the ‚Download Demo‘ button, which is dark blue, on the right. Please note that this button is not available on mobile.

Currently, Map Of Materials is only available on PC via the Steam or Itch.io platform.

  • Steam: Refunds can be requested for any purchase if made within 14 days of purchase and the title has been played for less than two hours. For details, visit: Steam’s Refund Policy.
  • Itch.io: Refunds are provided only for technical issues preventing the game from running. For details, visit: Itch.io’s Refund Policy.

The difference in price between Steam and Itch.io is due to the different commission rates each platform has. Steam has a fixed commission rate, which is generally higher than Itch.io’s flexible rate. This difference in rates is reflected in the final price of the game on each platform.

We are grateful for any suggestion or help to improve the game. Please share your ideas and suggestions on our Discord server.

If you discover an error or bug in the game, we ask you to report it on our Discord server. Every feedback is valuable to us and helps us improve the player experience.